Covid19, citizen expertise at the heart of the pandemic.

Janique Laudouar and Michèle Drechsler

Citizen expertise

The participation of both user’s and “citizen expertise” has been mentioned several times as an essential objective by the President of Has Dominique Le Gudulec during a recent conference HAS Colloquium: Scientific expertise in the face of crises . In an approach that receives too little media coverage, the HAS has set up a participation policy that can be found on it’s site. “Patients and Users, or their associative representatives can and should contribute to the work of HAS at several levels” .

It therefore seemed legitimate for us to contribute by providing testimonials and asking questions from the user’s point of view. What scientific consensus is there for mass vaccination? What ethics are considered? Is there a place for human and social sciences? How should any and all side effects be taken into account? What medical exemptions can be considered and permitted to excuse COVID-19 vaccination? In the case of a medical history prohibiting vaccination, or in the case of debilitating and lasting side effects, the question arises as evidenced by the video of this young girl. (1)

Vaccination: the only solution? Two women share their views

Is vaccination for all The solution, perhaps even the panacea? We interviewed two women to learn of the reasons for their apparent reluctance to join in the vaccination programme. Neither is “anti-vax.” per se but they both have medical reasons for refusing vaccination. One because of her medical history, the other, while double vaccinated, dreaded the “Boosting third dose”. Both have the same request: that the medical risks and of course the reported worrying, adverse effects be taken fully into account.

Case No1 Cynthia must not be vaccinated due to past medical incidents:

Serious side effects followed other vaccinations. Further she has an autoimmune disease and has had massive pulmonary embolisms all of which have added to a very concerning medical profile A vaccination against thIS Coronavirus is just too risky. (A risk-benefit analysis would permit a balanced view).

Case No2 Bettina, 72, Enthusiastic to be one of the first to be vaccinated.

From vaccination No1, inflammatory pain, very large spontaneous bruises on the legs, pain under the left armpit, pain in the thigh and circulation problems. This led to consultations with both a phlebologist and a rheumatologist. The follow up vaccination was worse resulting in the inability to walk, she called Emergency and was taken to the emergency room (painkillers, morphine, X-rays). A number of medical appointments continue to enable investigations.

OMS : protect children, do not vaccinate them

`Open a debate: What scientific consensus is there for mass vaccinations?

Not all scientists are in agreement over a mass vaccination strategy and programme for controlling Covid19. Some see it as a way of saving lives in danger by bringing in the “benefits-risks” balance. The nonsenical but nice mantra ‘if it saves a singlle life it must be worth it’. Others see it as possibly presenting, as yet hidden, dangers with medical profiles not fully tested producing potential more than grevious short or long term side effects. The Medical approach has been and still is by nature experimental. Labs are still very much engaged and modifications are often submitted and sometimes implemented. The aim of course has to be long lasting protection from a not completely understood virus. The Common Cold remains very common and much of Africa may never see the end of AIDS.. This is science and always renewing itself, both good and bad is observed. The financial implications for both Business and Government sometimes over-ride and morals may be put aside.

So why not open a scientific debate around key questions and figures?

Serious side effects should not, and now cannot’ be denied as evidenced by the UK report on the rate of serious side effects and death after administration of one of the Covid vaccines. (2) or the serious effects report in Europe (3).

Get out of denial. How should side effects be taken into account?

Those suffering the side effects of Covid19 vaccinations are not just the elderly or those with co-morbidities, why would this ever be suggested?. Example: Professional cyclist Kyle Warner (4) doubly vaccinated, suffered after a Pfizer vaccination, from both pericarditis and arthritis. His career is over. He was told he was perhaps having a psycho moment when his heart rate rate hit 160 thinks he was ignored for the general good. His message is rather obvious: “Where there is a risk, there must be a choice”. Similar testimony from tennis legend Pat Cash regarding his 89-year-old mother being forced to get the shot. In a video, he says that 4 days after the vaccination, she has 2 attacks followed by a heart attack. “You have blood on your hands! He said, talking about the doctors who forced, yes forced not coaxed, his mother. Fortunately his robust mother recovered. In Japan, the Ministry of Health is alarmed at the side effects of mRNA vaccines on young people resulting in Severe Danger notes on the Vaccine paperwork(5)

It is crucial to come out of the general denial of serious side effects even if they are rare. To doubt the treatment must not to be labelled “anti-vax” One must consider each candidate as individuals with rights, both real and imagined, and certainly entitled to refuse mass treatment. It is important that people who, unfortunately, do not react like everyone else, are recognized as entitled and reassured. They cannot help it and may learn and even change their stance having absorbed that learning. We cannot ignore them, even if they are in the minority and different. They differ, we differ, vax takers differ. Have a quiet word with the growing host of Long Covid sufferers. It is painful to acknowledge that all current vaccines no matter how fancy their name or whether they are First, Second, Booster, Follow up are in fact experimental but seem to do the trick enough to be taken. The Vaccines are little insurance policies for an ailment that many or most may never get.

A full scientific and potentially contradictory debate must be able to take place” writes Dr Guillaume BARUCQ, general practitioner in Biarritz, received by Brigitte Macron with other doctors. Rather than denial, we see an open door for research at the scientific level that could try to understand these serious and disabling reactions following the vaccine until we reach a more efficient vaccination against Covid19.

Janique Laudouar, tech writer, Master 2 Multimedia Paris 8 University, numerous publications on digital art

Michèle Drechsler Doctor of Information and Communication Sciences

1) Young girl testimonial:

(2) Report COVID-19 RESPONSE — SPRING 2021 (3) European report COMIRNATY (COVID-19 mRNA VACCINE)


4) Video Interview Kyle Warner

5) Video Ministry of Health of Japan:



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